Dr Uma Devi, who was Director of Hospital Miri in 2005, knew a doctor from Holland, Dr Mieke Van de Leemput, who had been working in geriatrics and had approached her to start up palliatives services in Miri. Dr. Mieke was an expatriate from Holland who came to Miri with her husband while he was on attachment to Sarawak Shell Berhad.
Dr Mieke being a medical doctor who had worked in geriatrics and had experienced working with terminally ill patients back home in Holland, took the challenge to introduce this program of Palliative Care to the people of Sarawak. Dr Mieke and Sister Elizabeth Sim who was working in Miri Hospital ‘s Surgical Ward went to Kota Kinabalu to find more and eventually set up the program using Palliative Care Kota Kinabalu’s model.
Under the wing of National Cancer Society Malaysia, Miri Branch led by Dr Mieke, palliative care services began in October 2005 in Miri. Eventually, Palliative Care Association of Miri was registered with the Registry of Societies Malaysia in January 2008 with Dr Loh Yunn Hua, a local medical doctor in Miri being appointed as President of the Palliative Care Association of Miri.

Opening of Day Care Centre January 2006

  • The Official Opening of the Palliative Care Home Program Day Care Centre by YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin Lee located at Miri General Hospital.
  • Officially registered with The Registry of Societies Malaysia on 14th January 2008
  • Register No.: PPM-003-13-14012008
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“ To provide the highest quality of palliative care to patients and support to family members to ease challenges as the disease progresses”


  • To provide palliative care to every patient who is referred to Palliative Care Association of Miri.
  • To provide best possible palliative care to patients based on their needs upon the availability of our financial and human resources.
  • To increase awareness of the needs of those with progressive and life threatening illnesses.
  • To value life and promote quality of life for all patients regardless of illness, religion and cultural, economic or educational background.
  • To train and educate the paramedics and the Non – Government Organization (NGO) personnel with the necessary skills on giving palliative care to the terminally ill patients and support their family members.
Organization Chart PCAM
First group of volunteers and medical team to lead Palliative Care Association of Miri
First group of volunteers and medical team to lead Palliative Care Association of Miri